Date: 22/1/17



Naturoveda good treatment. very useful to me, my hairfall problem is now under control.

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Date: 20/1/17

Paromita Sengupta



Naturoveda is a blessing to me i was suffering from piles from last 10 years, then my friend recommend me to try Naturoveda after treatment of few months i am completely fine today.

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Date: 18.1.17

Aditya Biswas



Naturoveda is best for sexual problems, I fully recommend to all with sex trouble.

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Date: 17/1/17




Got good result from naturoveda Ayurveda Unani Yoga therapy. You can try this out if you like me suffer from Piles problem. Naturoveda is a blessing to people in Kolkata!!

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Date: 15/01/17

Aditya Mukherjee



Stomach problem s are soo common these days. Eat a little biryani and bam! You get stomach pain. I also had weak digestion since I was Small. My father told me to try Naturoveda Ayurveda treatment. I am under treatment since December and I am feeling strong. I will follow the doctors advice.

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Date: 14/1/17

Rajnath Dubey



BEST treatment for knee pain in Kolkata no doubt. My father was taken treatment for 7 months for his both knee pain and he can walk freely now even at the age of 71!! I feel sooo happy seeing this. All because of Naturoveda perfect herbal remedies for knee pain

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