Date: 29.1.17

Animesh Nandi



I am suffering from regular basis constipation problem also consult with many doctor’s but not benefited, but i am very pleased with Naturoveda treatment now i am completely fine after 2- 3 visits.

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Date: 27.1.17



piles was curse to me, until i met with Naturoveda, Naturoveda is a blessing to me

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Date: 25/1/17

Fatima Begum


Thumbs up! Naturoveda really its a gift from the nature to the humankind the name itself signifies. Hairfall was a nightmare to me, i was suffering from it for the last 2 yrs. I got no relief from anywhere day by day it became so worse that i went into depression. Then one of my friends told me to go to Naturoveda. After getting the treatment, i am 90 percent ok. Long live Naturoveda!

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Date: 23.1.17

Uttam Singh



Suffering for Gas & Acidity for years, Naturoveda solved it in few months

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Date: 23/1/17




My Psoriasis problem was from last 15 years, tried every aspect of treatment but none worked, finally i try Naturoveda Ayurvedic treatment, under 1 yr of its holistic management, i am completely fine today, for me Naturoveda is a blessing of God.

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Date: 22/1/17



Naturoveda treatment is very useful to me, my hairfall problem is now under control.

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