Date: 30/4/17

Md. Imran


I got good solution to my diabetes. Thank you natorveda…

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Date: 28/4/17

Joy Sarkar


Nice Natu Rveda my neck pain clinic

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Date: 17/4/17

Shankar Jha


Nice treatment for my mothers IBS problemnow she is eating normally and she is helthy again

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Date: 10/4/17

Tumpa Koley


I am a naturoveda patient for my knee pain problem for the past 2 months. I used to be very difficult to walk and now I can walk better once agin for which I give a big thanks to Naturoveda staff and doctors. Thank you every one.

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Date: 2.4.17

Subhodip Misra


Top treatment for my PILES problem. I am happy that such a good clinic for natural treatment is already here in Kolkata and many parts will benefit from more branches. Naturoveda should make sure to build a clinic here in Malda where I stay so that my local people can also benefit and find healthy life once again free from disease and health problems.

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Date: 11/3/17

Suresh maiti



Good clean clinic which has Piles peoblem cure

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